Saturday, September 7, 2013

Cat pee and cigarettes

I was home all day yesterday until in the early afternoon. My mom asked me to go pay a bill for her
and even though that was the worse thing to do since school is back in and all the students would be out in full-annoying force. Anyways, I got dressed and out I go with my music. The ride to the place to pay the cable was so bad - all these kids screaming at the top of their lungs and smelly--omg were they smelly.

Anyways I got off that bus, got the mall, pay the bill and was on way back. I got on the RT trail - that's the train where I live that runs above the ground and it was supposed to take me back to the bus so I could get home. Right at the second to last stop a woman got on the train. I was sitting with my head back and eyes close listening to Bruno Mars singing about two people "fucking like gorillas" I kid you not that was the lyrics - when this smell smacked me in the face. It was so strong and grose and disgusting and all those other words that descirbed that. It was the smell of age old cat pee and cigarettes.

Now, cat pee in itself, is bad. But the smell was like, the cat peed on her, it dried, the cat peed again, it dried once more and again and again and again and--well you get the picture. The other thing is it seemed she's a chain smoker. It was the worse smell ever! The guy across from me must have noticed the look of utter shocked disgust on my face because he started laughing when I met his eyes. I smiled and got up, not to get away from him because he was so damn yummy but to get away from that smell. The woman must have thought I was getting off because the moment I got up she sat down in my vacated seat. The poor woman beside where I was sitting got up instantly and came to stand beside me by the door.

Now come now, how can you not smell that you stink? Even though it's your body and you are probably used to your funk, that smell must have said something when you picked up these clothes and put them on! How can you walk around smelling that bad and not know? And who are the people in your life that couldn't tell you "erm you smell like death!"

That is my vent for the day lol.

gopes and hugs,


  1. Hehehe, Sorry T, but I read this and chuckled. You poor girl!!
    Hey at least the cute guy next to you smiled. ;-)
    Luv you girl, stay on the fresh side LOL.

    1. lol I was mortified. But yeah, upside, hottie was hot lol

    2. lol I was mortified. But yeah, upside, hottie was hot lol