Monday, September 23, 2013

How many ways a man can be sexy....

***UPDATE TO BLOG POST*** Congrats Pam for winning a copy of Aint Too Proud to Beg! The story should be in your inbox!

Let me Count the ways....Welcome, my name is Tigra-Luna LeMar and I write MF Interracial erotica.  I guess  will write abou the men who I see in some of my favorite movies and music videos that make my heart and other places pulse. These aren't necessarily naked men, just men with a certain something sexy, something special that I look at, imagine then write. Please, enjoy! And comment at the end and you could win a copy of my story Aint Too Proud to Beg. There are plenty other prizes to be won! merely follow the blogs, hop back and forth and enter for the grand prizes through the raffle copter

Not inspired yet?? Ok, let's keep going!

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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Muse: Scatter-Brained

Thank you for taking part in the Share Your Muse blog hop! I am Tigra-Luna Lemar, author of sexy, interracial M/F romances er eroticas...

I saw this blog hop thing and thought! YES! I can totally do this.

Then I sat down to write the post and found myself, fingers hovering over keyboard, cold beverage (beer) beside me and for the life of me I couldn't come up with anything.

I wondered what my muse really is. You know what's strange? I never thought about that before. I just see something and think "hrm...that would make a great story!" Does that mean I take my inspiration from anywhere? That anything can be my muse? Over the past few months other than release my short BDSM story titled Aint too Proud to Beg I took a long break from writing MF. I just felt as if everything was going wrong and I needed a little space to breath. I guess during those months my Muse took a vacation because he didn't talk to me the whole time I was breaking. It wasn't a cold break--I was doing edits, completely overhauling a monster novel that I was kind of left to deal with on my own even though I didn't write the thing alone. But its cool. Edits were a pain but I'm doing much better.

But why was my Muse so pissed off? Well, he was irate because I had to pull all my stories from one publisher and it left me with a bad taste in my mouth. I was seriously beginning to second guessing wanting to be an author and put up with the drama and politics I had to deal with just to get the rights back to my work.  It left me just feeling down and angry and betrayed and I guess my Muse must have felt it.  I shut down my website for a while there and just let the other one run the domain until it expired and ignored my facebook and twitter and all those stuff.

Then my Muse decided he was not sticking around this sinking ship, that he would give me some time to blow off some steam and come backwhen I get my shit together.

My muse is suddenly back and quite refreshed. He is back from vacation with so much to say that I can't seem to write down the ideas fast enough before he starts blabbing about another idea. Lately, he's craving more sexy stuff--not your typical, vanilla with a side of yipes! mixed with some oh la la.

Oh no, he's back with the singe-your-eyebrows-soak-in-ice-cubes hot cravings that makes me blush jotting them down.

So what does this mean?

Well, aside from the fact my stories will be a little hotter than what my readers are used to so far, I'm not sure. While I enjoyed writing BDSM with Aint Too Proud to Beg I don't think I will make it a habit of writing spankings and tying-s up and that sort of thing.  But, my Muse is demanding I write a true May/December romance so I think I will figure that out first before I pen er computer--er..write my newest story. My Muse is also demanding I write about a single mother whose sons have just gone off to university and she decides its time to step out of her comfort zone and go to a foreign land to find herself.

I mean, what do you do after you spent the last twenty or so years catering to other people and neglecting yourself?

Yes, I know this post is all over the place, but guess what? My Muse is scatter-brained. He is all over the place, especially when he is excited about what is next and what is to come.  Don't let that fool you though, my stories are sexy, romantic and interracial - yum!

For my give away I would like to give away a pair of handmade earrings (made by a friend of mine Empress Reign Designs). All you have to do is follow me on this blog and you will be entered into winning it! Second prize will be an ebook copy of Aint Too Proud to Beg.

Please continue the blog hop! The other wonderful authors have awesome posts and awesome prizes too!

Thank you for visiting!

Love and gropes,
Tigra-Luna LeMar

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Cat pee and cigarettes

I was home all day yesterday until in the early afternoon. My mom asked me to go pay a bill for her
and even though that was the worse thing to do since school is back in and all the students would be out in full-annoying force. Anyways, I got dressed and out I go with my music. The ride to the place to pay the cable was so bad - all these kids screaming at the top of their lungs and smelly--omg were they smelly.

Anyways I got off that bus, got the mall, pay the bill and was on way back. I got on the RT trail - that's the train where I live that runs above the ground and it was supposed to take me back to the bus so I could get home. Right at the second to last stop a woman got on the train. I was sitting with my head back and eyes close listening to Bruno Mars singing about two people "fucking like gorillas" I kid you not that was the lyrics - when this smell smacked me in the face. It was so strong and grose and disgusting and all those other words that descirbed that. It was the smell of age old cat pee and cigarettes.

Now, cat pee in itself, is bad. But the smell was like, the cat peed on her, it dried, the cat peed again, it dried once more and again and again and again and--well you get the picture. The other thing is it seemed she's a chain smoker. It was the worse smell ever! The guy across from me must have noticed the look of utter shocked disgust on my face because he started laughing when I met his eyes. I smiled and got up, not to get away from him because he was so damn yummy but to get away from that smell. The woman must have thought I was getting off because the moment I got up she sat down in my vacated seat. The poor woman beside where I was sitting got up instantly and came to stand beside me by the door.

Now come now, how can you not smell that you stink? Even though it's your body and you are probably used to your funk, that smell must have said something when you picked up these clothes and put them on! How can you walk around smelling that bad and not know? And who are the people in your life that couldn't tell you "erm you smell like death!"

That is my vent for the day lol.

gopes and hugs,

Thursday, September 5, 2013

And Finally...

Okay so this is my final time changing where my blog is. My website will remain where it is at t the moment right here and I will blog here for funzies!

Welcome to my finaly resting place of my blog. I will try and be a good girl and post here regular like so that there is always something new. Right now I am working hard to bring more stories to you because this year I slacked off something horrible because I was trying to make some drastic changes in my real life to where I could sit down and put fingers to keyboards in the form of a book. So far, I have one novel at 61K that I just submitted so hopefully *crosses fingers, toes and eyes* I will have some news on that in the coming weeks. The story is BLASIAN like For the Love of Rei but tis time it takes place in China and is titled A Shanghai State of Mind. I had one guy on facebook ask me what that state of mine was and all I could think was (aside from the fact that he was being a complete jerk trying to harsh my buzz) all I could think secondly was that the Shanghai state of mine is culture, colour, lights and love.  But that's just me.

Second reason why I had to take some time off writing was because I was hard at work on a novel with someone else, they disappeared numerous times on me and now I'm left with this monster over 80, 000 word novel that I had to cmopletely gut and overhaul then rewrite. Raven's Broken Heart is the best title i could come up with and so far so good. I have a long way to go to make it publisher ready but hopefully over the xmas break I'll be able to sit down and do some serious work on that.

Now, to properly ease my way into writing again I am starting a piece today called Ring My Bell about a single mother who got pregnant young, raised her boys alone, and now they are off to university, she manages to allow them to convince her into taking a vacation even though she believes she's too young for love again. Don't worry, it will be sexy and classy and fun. I think its time I lay off the heavy stuff and work on something light for a change, don't you? Oh yes, I will go back to the heavy stuffy after I've properly reintroduce myself to the world.

Oh, and while I'm speaking of introducing - I tried my hands at BDSM erotica lately in Ain't Too Proud to Beg and lucky me--I was picked up by Total-E-Bound so if you haven't read it yet, please do so! It's my first time so please, be gentle.

Anyways, must head back to get a few more things done today before I can truly slag off and write. Hve a good one.

Gropes and kisses,
Tigra-Luna LeMar